Thursday, February 7, 2013


INFORMATION : ENGLISH DEBATE COMPETITION for Vocational Students will be held next 12-13 February 2013, venue at SMK NEGERI 1 KOTA BANDUNG . (Jl.Wastu Kencana)
Registration : Yani Heryani, S.Pd / Dra.Hj.Sri Hartini (SMK N 1 BANDUNG) 08:00 am to 14:00 pm.everyday.

  1. THBT parents should be responsible toward their children’s crime 
  2. THW require Children’s consent for parent divorce
  3. THBT parental consent should be required for underage pregnant women to have abortions
  4. THW ban boxing 
  5. THBT there should be not any option to make corruptors free.
  6. THW give capital punishment to fundamentalists who have done anarchysm movement.
  7. THBT government does not have any visible commitment about gender unequality. 
  8. THW let private company to play in electricity market.
  9. THW not choose minister of education from politicians.
  10. THW ban social media (facebook or tweeter)
  11. THBT blackberry Messanger (BBM) service is beneficial
  12. THBT cheating is a crime
  13. THBT school must ban students to bring the cell phone
  14. THW restrict showing times on national TV station. 
  15. THW abolish school uniforms
  16. THW lower the voting age to 15
  17. TH supports random drugs testing in schools 
  18. THB schools should be mobile phone-free zones
  19. THW impose a curfew on all teenagers under the age of 16
  20. THW ban fatty foods in schools
  21. THW replace teachers with computers
  22. THW allow parents to smack children 
  23. THW abolish national exams for SMK
  24. THW abolish school extracurricular
  25. THW educate disabled children in special schools
  26. THB outsourcing is good for everyone involved
  27. THW ban smoking
  28. THW ban junk food
  29. THW put cameras in the classroom
  30. TH supports the death penalty for corruptors 
  31. THW censor racist views in the media 
  32. THBT TV programs have more harmful than benefit 
  33. THW ban gossip programs 
  34. THW ban beauty contests
  35. THW ban violent video games 
  36. THW legalise cigarette for adult students 
  37. THW legalise the homosexuals and lesbians 
  38. THW be vegetarian
  39. THW ban cigarette advertising in sport
  40. THB you should support your local football team not a famous football team. 
  41. THBT employing Gayus is the solution to Indonesia’s corruption cases.
  42. THW increase the salary of Anti-Corruption Commission (KPK) to eliminate corruptors
  43. THBT School should immediately expel mentally-ill students.
  44. THBT student’s fighting comes as a school tradition.
  45. THBT character building is a school responsibility. 
  46. THW legalize the sale of human organs. 
  47. THBT nationalism is an effort to eliminate terorism. 
  48. THBT parents should be held criminally responsible if their children commit repeat offenses.
  49. THW distribute free condoms for teenagers. 
  50. THW blocks the porn-sites.